Event Tabling Do’s and Don’ts

by | Oct 20, 2023 | 0 comments

Tabling at community events is a golden opportunity for charter school leaders to connect with potential families. As the face of the school, leaders need to ensure their table stands out while genuinely conveying the school’s ethos. Let’s jump right into the do’s and don’ts of creating a remarkable tabling experience!


1. Do Offer a Glimpse of School Culture: Showcase student artwork, class projects, or short video clips of school events. Let the community see and feel the spirit of your institution.

2. Do Showcase Success Stories: Use a mix of visuals, testimonials, and short narratives to highlight the achievements of past and present students. Whether it’s academic accomplishments, community projects, or extracurricular triumphs, these stories can provide tangible proof of the positive outcomes associated with your school.

3. Do Train Your Representatives: Ensure everyone at the table can speak passionately and knowledgeably about your school. Quick refresher sessions before the event can help align the team. Consider having a script prepared to help your team navigate conversations with parents.

4. Do Have Clear Signage: Invest in a clear, compelling banner or backdrop. Your school’s name, motto, and some captivating visuals should be visible even from a distance. Include these details on any swag you plan on handing out as well to act as reminders for those who stop at your table.

5. Do Engage Children: Remember, kids are your prospective students. Have some fun, educational activities to engage them. Think puzzles, interactive storyboards, or even simple DIY crafts related to learning.

6. Do Offer Unique Takeaways: Beyond just brochures, pens, and bags, offer something memorable. Custom bookmarks, school stickers, or even seeds to plant with a tagline like “Grow with Us” can make a lasting impression.


1. Don’t Overwhelm with Information: While it’s tempting to share every detail, too much information can be off-putting. Choose key points and display them clearly.

2. Don’t Stick Only to the Table: Don’t just stay behind the table- get out in front of it! Wear your brightest school colors and engage with attendees, walk around, and initiate conversations. Make your presence felt.

3. Don’t Neglect Presentation: A cluttered table can be as off-putting as an empty one. Ensure your table is organized, visually appealing, and reflective of your school’s values.

4. Don’t Forget the Personal Touch: Avoid going fully digital. Personal stories, handwritten notes from current students, or a message board where attendees can leave their thoughts can add warmth to your presentation.

5. Don’t Be Unprepared for Questions: Potential families will have queries. Ensure you’re prepared with answers, especially for frequently asked questions about curriculum, teaching methodology, and student support.

6. Don’t Forget the Follow-Up: Collect emails or contact details willingly given and ensure you have a plan for post-event engagement, whether it’s a newsletter, an open day invite, or a personal thank you note.

Tabling at community events is more than just setting up a stand; it’s an opportunity to introduce the heart and soul of your charter school to the community. With these do’s and don’ts, charter school leaders can make the most of this chance, ensuring they leave a lasting impression on prospective families.

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